Bride & Groom Heart Mint Tins
Bridal Shoe
Bottle Opener Favors
“Side by Side” Bride-and-Groom Photo Album Favors
Bridal Dress Candle Favors
Bride and Groom Wine Stoppers
Bride or Groom
"The Perfect Blend" Coffee Favors
Bride or Groom Candle Favors
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Bride and Groom Theme Favors
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Bride or Groom Mint filled Tins
Bridal Dress with Satin Bow Candle Favors
Bridal Shoe
Candle Favors
Bride and Gown
1/2 Bride side-1/2 Groom side
Candle Favors
Bride or Groom
Place Card/Picture Holders
Please email for more information and pricing of
Bride and Groom Theme Favors
Bride or Groom Note Pad Favors
Bridal Gown Place Card/Picure Holder Sachet Favors
Bridal Gown or Groom Tux Favor Bags
Bride and Groom
Fortune Cookie Favors
Set of 2 Price $4.99
Bride and Groom
Iced Heart Cookie Favors
Min. 6 Price: $5.75 each
Bride and Groom Berry Favors
1 dz. Price: $59.95
Picture Cookie Favor Box
Price: $5.75
Bride and Groom
Fortune Cookies-Take Out Pail of 2
Price: $8.99
Chocolate Bride & Groom Favor Apples
Set of 2 Price: $29.95
“Mr. & Mrs.” Swizzle Sticks
(Set of 24)
The Perfect Dress Scented Candle (Set of 4)
Personalized Tux or Gown Favor Boxes
Groom Favor Bags
Bride and Groom Keyboard Dusters
Bridal Favor Bags
Bride and Groom Sachet Place Card Holders
Bride and Groom Playing Cards (Set of 2)
Wedding Gown Sachets
“Head Over Heels™”
Bride or Groom Bottle Stoppers
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