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Place Card Holders and Frames
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Place Card Holders and Frames
“Bourbon Street” Streetlight Place Card Holder with Coordinating Place Cards (Set of 4)
“Rustic Elegance” Adirondack Chair Place Card/Photo Holder
(Set of 4)
Exquisite Glass Photo Coasters
“Evening in Paris” Eiffel Tower Silver-Finish Place Card/Holder
(Set of 4)
"Black Baroque" Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame
“Tranquility” Eco-Friendly Bamboo Place Card Holder with Matching Place Cards
(Set of 4)
“Maison du Vin” Wine Cork Place Card/Photo Holder with Grape-Themed Place Cards
(Set of 4)
“Sweetwater Park” Bird Bath Place Card Holder
(Set of 4)
"Mod Black" Place Card Holder/Photo Frame
“Shining Sails”
Silver Place Card Holders
(Set of 4)
"Kissing Bell" Place Card/Photo Holder
(Set of 24)
Charming Chrome Bell Place Card/Photo Holder with Dangling Heart Charm (Set of 4)
"LOVE" Place Card Holder/Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards
(Set of 4)
“Mod Dots” Black and White Polka Dot Photo Coaster
“Graduations” Antique-Finish Photo Frame/Place Card Holder (Set of Four)
"Beautifully Beaded"
Photo Frame/Placeholder
Brushed Metal Photo Frame and Placeholder
Elegant Arc Photo Frame and Placeholder
Elegant Chrome Luggage Tag with Engraved Heart
Memories by the Dozen Miniature Photo Frames/Placeholders
(Set of 12)
Fall Leaf TeaLight and Place Card Holder with Autumn-themed Gift Box (Set of 4)
“Snow Flurry” Flocked Glass Ornament Place Card/Photo Holder (Set of 6)
Forever Photo Coasters in Personality Box (25 styles/colors) (Sold as 4 sets of 2 coasters)
Beautifully Beaded Gold Photo Frame/Place Holder
"In Favor of a Cure"
Pink Ribbon Frosted Glass Photo Frame (Set of 4)
Miniature Gold Chair Favor Box with Heart Charm and Ribbon
(Can be Monogrammed) (Set of 12)
Boutique Chic” Scented Dress Sachet/ Place Card Holder in Store-Front Gift Box (Set of Four)
"Capture the Moments" Mini Satin Photo Album
“Shells by the Sea”
Authentic Shell Placecard Holders with Matching Placecards
(Set of 6)
Airplane Luggage Tag in Gift Box with suitcase tag
"Little Book of Memories"
Place Card Holder/Mini Photo Album
"Love Dove" Tea Light/Place Card Holder
(Set of 4)
Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder (Set of 4)
Adirondack Chair Tealight and Place Card Holder
(Set of 4)
"Ain't Love Grand?"
Piano Place Card Holders with Cards (Set of 4)
Swaying Calla Lily Pearlescent Place Card/ Photo Frame
'Destination Love'
Cruise Ship Luggage Tag
Beachcombers Flip Flop Placecard Holders
Set of 4 (2 Pairs)
"Castles in the Sand" Sand Castle Tea Light (Set of Four)
Classic Maple-Leaf Place Card Holder
(Set of 4)
"Beach Memories" Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card/Photo Frame
(Set of 4)
"Love’s Journey" Antique Getaway Car Placecard Holders
(Set of 4)
'Seaside' Sand and Shell Placecard Holder
Photo Frame with Flower Accent
(Set of 4)
“Work of Art” Antique-Finish Place Card Holder/Photo Frame
“Lucky Elephant” Antique Ivory-Finish Tea Light Holder
Golf Ball Tea Light and Unique Golf Club-Shaped Place Card (Set of 4)
"Love Songs" Birdcage Tea Light/Place Card Holder
Place Card/Photo Holder
(Set of 4)
Snowflake Place Card Holder/Ornament
(Set of 4)
''Allure' Glass Grapes
Placecard Holders
(Set of 4)
Frosted-Glass Photo Coasters
(Set of 2)
“Fall Impressions”
Glass Photo Coasters
(Set of 2)
Par-Tee” Golf Ball Bottle Stopper with Flag Place Card
"Good Wishes" Pearlized Photo Coasters
"Timeless Traditions" Elegant Black & White Glass Photo Coasters
Miniature Chair Place Card Holder and Favor Box
(Set of 12)
“Thanks For Hanging Out” Photo Frame/Placeholders (Set of 4)
"Good Wishes" Pearlized-Glass Photo Frame/Place Card Holder (Set of 4)
"Calla Lily Memories"
Guest Photo Album Favors
Capture My Heart Photo Coaster
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