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Fingertip Length
2 Layer Floral Beaded Fingertip Bridal Veil (V 123)
Fingertip Single Layer Beaded Edge Bridal Veil (V 2017)
Double Layer Fingertip Length Bridal Veil with a Satin Ribbon Edge 30" and 36" VS F
Single Layer Fingertip Bridal Veil (V 2012)
2 Layer 30" and 35" Bridal Veil 139F
2 Layer 28" abd 36" Fingertip Bridal Veil 2009
2 Tier 30" and 36" Fingertip Swarovski Rhinestone Edged Bridal Veil (VSW F)
Single Layer Fingertip Bridal Veil (V 142)
2 Layer 30" and 36" Fingertip Bridal Veil (V 2020)
Beaded Edge 2 layer Fingertip Bridal Veil (V 121)
Single Layer Scalloped Cut Fingertip Bridal Veil (V 145)
Fingertip 2 Layer 30" and 36" with Chiffon Edge Bridal Veil (V 2023)
2 Tier Fingertip Embroidered Floral Blossom Veil (V 329)
2 Tier Elaborately Designed Fingertip Veil (V 2008)
2 Tier Silver Embroidered Flowers Fingertip Veil (V 2022)
Bird Cage
Cathedral Length
Children's Veils
Classic to Modern
Elbow Length
Embroidered or Beaded
Fingertip Length
Shoulder Length
Single Tier
Waltz Length
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